A True Ecosystem of Art

In a 360 ° approach, our multidisciplinary artistic offer includes individualized and comprehensive support, providing artists with the expertise and equipment shared by the six members of the ecosystem.


This support ranges from research-creation to the influence of your art while supporting you in experimentation and production free of constraints.


A visit at L’écosystème means unconstrained freedom to express one’s art.

Research and creation

L’écosystème is distinctive and differs by its ability to accommodate artists in an environment and an ambiance of creation with no constraints. The international residency offer supports the artistic process without any obligation of result while providing the participant with a space for pause and recharge in a unique natural environment.


Offering a range of human and technical expertise, L’écosystème is the junction of six artistic organizations made available to artists with common objective allowing an almost unlimited exploration and offering the tools and resources necessary for their development and creativity process.  The L’écosystème residencies are part of a global and circular approach providing complete support, from the ideation to the distribution of an artwork.

Offers a multidisciplinary environment

Regardless of the discipline in which the artists evolve, L’écosystème supports their approach, from research to creation, by offering them technical and human resources.  The approach emphasizes the artists’ journey through exploration and creation of artworks.   The priority disciplines are current and digital art, sound and music creation, film and video creation, and literature and publishing.

We support artists, from A to Z.

Nature and Excessiveness

L’écosystème is a unique context for artists and creators, which ensures absolute freedom in terms of creation and without any obligation of result or performance.    We privilege the unlimited deployment of the creative process and strongly encourage artists to explore new creative mediums to hone their talents.

The artists deploy their artistic talents on an inspiring natural territory:

  • The Saguenay Fjord, the only inhabited fjord in Canada
  • Lac Saint-Jean, a true inland sea with its 42 kilometres of sandy beaches
  • The boreal forest, an immense green ecosystem

Supported by an impressive range of human and technical expertise, L’écosystème is the junction of six artistic organizations made available to artists.  The objective?  Allow an almost unlimited exploration and offer the tools and resources necessary for the development of artists.

Artist support program
  • Complete support for artists in their creative process, from ideation to dissemination
  • Development of the artist’s network in Quebec, Canada and internationally
  • Development of the artists’ autonomy in terms of their career
  • Career management services in Quebec and Canada
  • Development of communication tools
  • Photography service
  • Recording of podcasts
  • Production of video content
  • Support for the digital communication strategy
Press and public relations
  • Regional public relations service
  • Service specialized and digital media
Project management
  • Event logistics services (tour, exhibition, festival)
  • Digital ticketing

Application fees

L’écosystème is a collaborative business model that aims to develop its own-source income. Consequently, artists who wish to work directly with l’écosystème are responsible for obtaining the support required to finance their stay themselves. Several options are available to you: government support programs, foundations, international agreements, etc. We can establish a dialogue with you about this, but please note that conditions vary from country to country.

A fee of 3,000 CAD per month is therefore required to benefit from l’écosystème residency offer.

L’écosystème has a research-creation residency approach that is distinct from that of each of its members. Indeed, several members of l’écosystème (Bande Sonimage, Center Bang, CEM, Production Center in Contemporary Art TOUTTOUT) support artists at their expense during their residency.

To do this, organizations benefit from public funding to accomplish their mission. If you wish to be financially supported by one of these organizations and not have to finance your residence yourself, you must go to their respective website and apply to their application. Each organization has its own assessment process, criteria and requirements. For more information, please contact the organization that meets your needs directly.